Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Real 3D W1: Fun!

I've been having fun with the Real 3D-W1 after getting Parallels working again under Snow Leopard, running StereoPhoto Maker ("SPM") under XP to read and process the .mpo files.

I'm slowly working on my own pairing pipeline, with keystoning for proper toe-in instead of horizontal offsetting... might be possible with SPM but I've just started to explore its features.

The big questions now are:
1) How to reproduce the 3D effect? Lenticular prints from FujiFilm for $7 are expensive, and I can't find a web site. Just ordered red/cyan anaglyph glasses and "Skweez-Vue:" viewers from to get started.
2) What to call this camera?! "W1" leads the pack; "Fujifilm Real 3D W1" is a ridiculous product name (and demonstrates why Apple is taking over the world).